6 Ways To Amp Up Your Vacation Sex

Ensure you make your next trip even better than your honeymoon.

Vacations makes it possible for couples especially the ones that have extremely tight schedule to connect on a particular level of intimacy that they can’t get during their normal day living. During the vacation, they will most like get involved with hiking, tanning, swimming, biking and shopping. However, the most important aspect of the vacation is Sex.

have the best vacation sex

Vacations are usually known for relaxation and one of the killers of women’s sex appeal is stress. Make this summer vacation count for your relationship and for your sex life. Vacations are usually one of the best means to rekindle the passion shared with your spouse. No stressors to hold you back, no phones, no Netflix and therefore no excuses.
Below, six way of making a vacation feel just like a honeymoon is discussed.

1) Prepare your mind; select a place that will make you feel sexy: Disney cruises are perfect when the vacation is for the whole family but not so great for your libido. Getting yourself in the right frame of mind majorly borders on sex so when a vacation is around the corner, the first things to put in place are not the bikini wax or spray tan (you can do that later). The first thing you ought to do is focus on sex. What do you want to try? How do you want to feel? Take some time daily to think about this because it puts you in the right frame of mind

2) When packing, pack like you are going to one of the hottest places on earth. Oversized sweats and tees are not allowed, only the items that can offer that sexy feeling should be brought along. That “special occasions” lingerie that tucked somewhere should be dug out because now is as good a time as any.

3) Make a bucket list of only sexy things. You might have amazing sex regularly but you have to take it up a notch. Those things you’ve always wanted to experiment but have been too busy, shy or stressed to actually act on them can finally be done. Now is the time to try out that toy or new sex position that you’ve always wanted to try. Upon completion of vacation plans, exchange bucket lists. The amazing thing is that there is something new to look forward to. You may not finish every task on the bucket list but the idea is to try and believe me, you will have a lot of fun trying.

4) You’ll still have to go along with the normal materials like sandals, sunblock and swimsuits. Take along with you some crucial accoutrements so you are ready for whatever your imagination takes you. Assemble kit containing things like sensual massage oil candles, lubricant, sex toys, bath salts your favourite music (make a playlist just for the occasion), and your favourite chocolates. Ensure that the room’s atmosphere is relaxing, calming and of course, sexy atmosphere. If you can successfully ignite the senses, the mood naturally comes with it.

5) Explore your new environment, explore the bedroom as well. Rekindle the times when you use to just spend hours cuddling and exploring each other’s bodies and having lots and lots of sex. This can be done by skipping the expensive spa day for a start and massaging each other (it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills, happy endings are all that matters).

Blindfolding is a cool way to start because taking your partners sight away will heighten other senses. Then have some massage candles, not only do they have great ambience and scent, but they also turn to warm oil rapidly and this oil can be poured all over the body. Explore your bodies and find out new points that turn you on.

6) Adrenaline rush can make you both feel lust. Engage in activities that pump up the adrenaline. Try new activities (outside the hotel room this time). Activities such as surfing, hiking and skydiving etc tend to get your blood pumping and this makes you amped up when you return to the hotel room. See it as a night of passionate sex that had its foreplay all through the day.